Syrupy Goodness!


outofbutterflies: You know what’s not funny? Those free! episodes as told by a ten year old posts. They seriously piss me off, because… they seriously are not funny to me. Like… ew.


I understand certain humor and content is not for everyone; however, what astounds me is that you do not seem to understand blatant rudeness is not for everyone either, and frankly, never should be. My ten year old sister happens to greatly enjoy browsing Tumblr to see how people react to her humor, and, as unfortunate as it is, she along with a few other users stumbled upon this post and decided to direct my attention to it. Normally I would never think to so much as bat an eyelash towards this, but because in this case my own sister’s feelings were hurt, I take it upon myself to address it.

To you and anyone else seeing this: Be mindful of what you say. You could very much end up ruining someone’s day, and in this case, a ten year old girl’s.

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Have I mentioned my little sister is an aggressive shipper yet. If not: she is an aggressive shipper. Which is why she is my little sister.

So yeah! Here are her reactions to episode 12 of Free! Eternal Summer~ The first time she heard someone speaking English in it, she nearly gave herself a heart attack. Also, I feel the need to mention she’s made herself an eternal vow to never say any of the characters’ actual names and to only ever call them by the nicknames she’s given them. … But during this episode, while imitating Lori, she said “Rin” … then collapsed onto my bed and proceeded to feel betrayed with herself for the next few hours.

If you want to check out her other reactions, then head on over here!

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… I just witnessed a dude prop up the salmon he bought from Costco on top of his truck so he could take a photo of it against the setting sun.

… I guess you could call that a


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All in favor of John Yong Bosch for Rin Matsuoka, say AYYYYY

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You guyyyys. Thank you all so very much for all the lovely birthday wishes today! To be honest, I haven’t had a very successful happy birthday for the past few years, and today was thankfully a great success, made even better thanks to all you wonderful people. So thank you, I love all of you, and here’s to another great birthday next year!! ( - 3-) <3

… If I could count the number of Taylor Swift references I’ve received today though, I’d be one rich woman, let me tell you what.

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It’s my 22nd birthday today, but one of my presents actually came early: Baby Rin!!!

He’s about as big as my hand and as you can see, fits just about anywhere, and on anything haha. … If you see me without him from now on, assume there’s something very, very wrong with me. WHOOPS.

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Annnd here are my little sister’s reactions to episode 11 of Free! Eternal Summer! Once again, this was quite an emotional episode, and yet she still found ways to turn it into something hilarious. She literally couldn’t move for five or so minutes after that eggplant and that unnamed… green… vegetable thing showed up on the screen; she was practically reduced to tears. I love her so much.

Gonna try to have the next episode up by the end of this week if I have time! So be on the look out for it~

In the meantime, check out her other reactions here!