Syrupy Goodness!

I’m sorry, but when I found out that Rin and Sousuke sent each other letters when Rin left for Australia, this is the only thing that came to mind.


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Episode 5 screenshots are here! Nagisa, baby, I wonder what’s wrong? :c (x)

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I don’t know ;w;

Your ask box isn’t open so I need to say this here:

This is not your content; please remove it from your blog.

You have several unsourced and uncredited art on your Tumblr which you have clearly reposted without permission and against the artist’s wishes. Doing so is disrespectful to the creators of said content and unless they have explicitly stated you are allowed, then you cannot, should not, and will not repost without their permission.

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Anonymous asked:
i just came to say your blog is absolute perfection and your reaction videos had me laughing for a long time im pretty sure i woke up the whole neighbourhood. you are so funny and amazing and hooooly shit i needa stop talking.

Thanks, dude! And don’t even worry about your neighbors; I’m pretty sure I woke up my entire city with my stupid shrieking. XD

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Title: 01. Dried Up Youthful Fame FULL


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(never mind that I’ve had it for a couple months and still don’t quite know how to use it properly um)

Some bastard already took “wafflesex” as a username though BUT YES. Follow my shenanigans there and maybe I’ll follow you too!

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My Free! Taito Macaron Prizes are here!! \o/

And to commemorate the occasion, I made a short, quiet video of me unboxing and displaying each one for you to enjoy them too! (WHO DOESN’T LIKE THE SOUND OF CRINKLY PLASTIC) These guys are absolutely precious and valuable to me, so I’m glad I got my hands on them when I did!

I have a few more Free! merch coming within the next few weeks, so hopefully I’ll have time to put together another video for those as well~


… My little sister just called me a fart as I posted this. B|

BUT YES. Here’s her reaction to episode 3 of Eternal Summer! She’s really enjoying this season so far and I couldn’t be happier! She really looks forward to watching the episodes every week… even if she doesn’t understand what’s going on just yet. … But once again, her constant badgering of Fish Master persists. Oops.

More reactions can be found here!